Library Cards & Borrowing

Library Card

Library Card is free and allows:

  • Check out books, magazines, Audio-Visual materials such as DVDs and CDs.
  • Manage your account online: view your record, renew checked out materials, place items on hold. (You need to register your password in person at the library/branches.)

How to get a library card

People who live, work, attend school in Zushi are eligible to receive Zushi City Library Cards free of charge. People who live in Yokohama, Yokosuka, Kamakura, Miura and Hayama are also eligible to receive free library cards.

  • Fill out the application form for Zushi Library Card, and show your name and address identification: driver's license, health insurance card, student ID, resident card and special permanent resident certificate.
  • Zushi City Library Card can be also used at Kotsubo Branch and Numama Branch.
  • The library card is valid for 3 years from the issued / extended date. Expired cards can be renewed in person at Zushi City Library or at any branches.
  • Please notify the library staff when there are any changes in your address / name / phone number, and when you lost your library card.

Loan Periods

  Books Magazines Audio-Visual Materials 
Limits 6 2
Loan Period 2 weeks 1 week 1 week

Audio-Visual materials can't be borrowed if you live in Yokohama.


Zushi City Library allows one renewal on books for another one week.

You can renew books within 7 days prior to the due date.

Please note: when you renew an item the extended time is calculated from the original due date.

No renewals are allowed on magazines, Audio-Visual materials as DVDs and CDs. Also, an item cannot be renewed if another user has placed a request (hold) on it.

You may renew in person, by the automated phone system (Japanese only) or online. For online renewals you will need a password. The renewal service by the automated phone system or online is available 24 hours a day.


A password in combination with your library card number allows you to:

  • Look up your record from home, on mobile PC/phone, or at a terminal in the library/branches.
  • Renew library material from home, on mobile PC / phone, or at a terminal in the library/branches.
  • Place requests for material from home, on mobile PC/phone, or at a terminal in the library/branches.

If you have a Zushi City Library Card, but have not yet gotten a password, please come to the library/branches nearby and show your library card to register a password.

Place Requests (Holds)

Use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) to place a request on library material* if:

  • The item is checked out to another user.
  • The item is not available at Zushi City Library or a branch and you would like an available copy from the other branch or the library sent to the library/branch.
  • The item has been ordered by the library

Register your password in person at the library/branches to receive the service. You can check your reservation by accessing the website and/or by making a phone call to the answering service.

When your requested item is available for pick up, you will receive library notice by phone or by email (by email only if you place holds through Web-OPAC). You have 7 days in which to pick up your request.

For the residents, workers and students in Zushi, a maximum of 12 requests, including a maximum of 4 requests on Audio-Visual materials, are permitted at one time. For the residents in Yokosuka, Kamakura, Miura and Hayama, maximum of 6 requests on books and magazines only are permitted. The residents in Yokohama are not permitted to place requests.

Please note that you must ensure that your email provider is not blocking the address we are using to send notifications to you. You may need to add to your email "white list."

Requesting books that are not owned by Zushi City Library

*Notice: This service is limited to the residents of Zushi, workers and students commuting to Zushi with library cards.

The Library accepts suggestions for new purchases. Fill out a suggestion (request) form to request books that are not owned by Zushi City Library. Request forms must be submitted in person at any reference desk of the library or at any branches. Titles that were published more than a year ago may be requested through *Inter-Library Loan. Most requests are filled within thirty days. Loans are free of charge.

*Inter-Library Loan (ILL) offers library users the opportunity to request and receive books that are not owned by Zushi City Library. Through ILL, you have access to the circulating book collections of all the public library systems in Kanagawa Prefecture (KL-net) and some academic library and National Diet Library network system.


  • You can return books to Zushi City Library, Kotsubo Branch and Numama Branch whichever convenient for you.
  • When the library and branches are closed, please return books in the "Book Post (book drop)". The Book Posts are located at the entrance of the library and branches, JR Zushi station, JR Higashi-Zushi station, and the entrance of  the Zushi City Hall.
  • Please do not return the followings in the Book Post: Audio-Visual materials, big books, materials with CDs/DVDs/CD-ROMs, and books borrowed from other libraries through Inter-Library Loan. These items can be damaged by the weight of the books falling on them.

All materials must be renewed or returned by their due dates.
As an incentive to encourage people to return overdue materials, the Library suspends privileges for users who have materials which are overdue. Suspension of library privileges temporarily prohibits check-out.

Lost/Damaged Materials Compensation

Cardholders are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card. Lost or damaged materials should be replaced by purchasing new materials.