Other Services

Books, Picture books

Picture books in English for babies/kids or parents/carers are available on the corner of the first floor of the Zushi City Library. Books in English for adults are also available at the second floor.

Newspapers and Magazines

Major newspapers, local newspapers, business newspapers, major weekly magazines and monthly magazines are available at the first floor.

Followings are the English newspapers and magazines:
English newspapers THE JAPAN TIMES / International New York Times
English magazines TIME

Photocopy Service

  • Fill out the application form at the reception counter to make photocopy.
  • There are two self-service copiers in the library. Black and white copier is located on the first floor, and color copier is on the second floor.
  • Making photocopy in the library is limited to books and materials owned by the library (Copyright Law, Article 31). You need to pay adequate amount of fee to make photocopy.
Photocopy fee
  sizes A4, B5, B4 size A3
Black and white 10 yen
Color 50 yen 80 yen

Delivery Service (Paid)

Delivery of library materials is available for the residents of Zushi with library cards.

Delivery Services for the Disabled (Free)

Free delivery of library materials is available for people who have difficulty walking, carrying books with physical disability certificate. This service is limited to the residents of Zushi.

Registration is required in advance. Contact the library for details.